refund policy

We accept cash or credit and all sales are final except as expressly indicated for iceslide and Igloo rentals.

Igloo Rentals & Iceslide Tickets

We get it – plans change, snow happens, and sometimes the weather decides to throw its own party. At Cincinnati Christkindlmarkt, we want to make sure your icy adventures are as smooth as a perfectly crafted snowball. So, here’s the lowdown on our Igloo Rental Refund Policy – it’s like the North Pole magic, but with paperwork!

1. Dancing with the Snowflakes:
Cancel within 8 days of your reservation, and voila! You’ll get a full 100% refund. We believe in second chances, especially when it comes to winter wonderlands.

2. Jingle All the Way to 50% Refund:
Decide to change your plans 1 to 7 days before the big snow day? No worries! You’ll still twirl away with a cool 50% refund. It’s like finding a surprise marshmallow in your cocoa – unexpected and delightful!

3. Frosty Farewell – No Refund within 24 Hours:
We get it, life can be a snowstorm of surprises. If you need to cancel within 24 hours of your reservation, we can’t offer a refund this time. But hey, your spot in the frosty hall of fame is secured!

4. Mother Nature’s Guest Star:
If Mother Nature decides to sprinkle a bit too much magic (or snow) and the market can’t open, don’t fret! Your Igloo and Iceslide reservations will be refunded at 100%. We believe in fair play, even with the whims of weather.

Remember, this policy is like a snug scarf – designed to keep you warm and worry-free during your frosty escapades. Cincinnati Christkindlmarkt is here to make your winter dreams come true, one snowflake at a time!

Stay Frosty, The Cincinnati Christkindlmarkt Team ❄️✨